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Emergency Preparedness: We Are Doing This to Make Our Tribe Stronger

Disasters like those recently in Turkey have an impact, but climate change is reshaping reservation communities and displacing whole tribes.

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Scorching Summer Pose Threats to Lives and More on the Reservations

In addition to devastating the land itself, wildfires threaten animal life, natural water systems, economic and social norms, environment and cultural resources. They also impact living communities, recreational areas and revenue streams,

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Indian Reservations to Visit in Winter

Have you ever wondered about visiting an Indian reservation or tribal recreation area in the winter? There are many options open, but here are five in the southern and southwestern United States that may surprise you. Mescalero Apache: If you’re up for cold weather, snow sports may be just the thing. Ski Apache is a […]

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Poverty Line or Breaking Point?

With poverty, day-to-day challenges seem larger than life… This video from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development explains how poverty creates symptoms that are pervasive and compounded across every area of life.

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Housing for Native American Elders

NRC assists Native American Elders with home improvements.

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Wallow Fire: Close for Native American Tribes

The Wallow fire in the Bear Wallow Wilderness area is one of the largest recorded wildfires in Arizona history. Nearby reservation communities from southern Arizona to New Mexico have been affected by smoke and preparations for possible evacuations and make-shift animal shelters.   National Relief Charities has been in touch with many of our Program Partners […]

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