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Always Remember: Native History Affects Tribes Today

Many events throughout time are milestones in history yet anything but positive for Native American tribes. This video, “Always Remember,” developed by the Herbert Brothers, speaks to the roots of the strained relationship between the 1,000+ Native American tribes and the United States. In their desire to tell a story unknown to most Americans, yet central […]

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Eastern Tribes

The Indian. What or who is that? Well, when I ask myself this question, the answer is easy. Me. I’m laughing, but seriously… As an almost full blood Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota, with a rich family history that runs from the Dakota War of 1862, to the Pike Expedition, to the War of 1812 when my grandfathers fought for […]

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Can I Visit the Reservations: New Places

Helen lists a few places that you can visit on the Indian reservations.

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