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A Letter to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

We at PWNA honor the self-determination and sovereignty of Native American tribes throughout the U.S. We respect and support the need for each tribe to have a voice in the decisions that impact their land, their natural resources, their sacred sites and their people.

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BIE Schools & Sovereignty in Indian Education

A certain excitement comes with the start of a new school year. Like many students as summer begins to wind down, I started feeling the all too familiar back-to-school blues. The uncertainty of taking on a new role as a teacher for my second year at St. Francis Indian School was getting to me… still […]

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Native Video Series: Legacy of the Reservation System

Helen shares a video about the formation of the Indian reservation system and the legacy it left in its wake.

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Remember Native Americans on Independence Day

Independence Day is a day to remember the victory of becoming free sovereign and independent states. While many tribes are recognized as sovereign nations, the US has a lot more work to do to recognize Native Americans as independent from government restrictions.

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Healthy Kids & the 1491 Diet

The Native American diet and how nutritional value has changed in recent history, affecting their health and high disease rates.

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