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A Letter to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

We at PWNA honor the self-determination and sovereignty of Native American tribes throughout the U.S. We respect and support the need for each tribe to have a voice in the decisions that impact their land, their natural resources, their sacred sites and their people.

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What is Tribal Sovereignty?

Lately, there has been much focus on sovereignty, a huge issue for tribes. And this is important in that it can perhaps bring to light the unique relationships that exist between the United States and the Indian nations. This starts with the need to understand just what “sovereignty” is and how that meaning is interpreted, […]

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BIE Schools & Sovereignty in Indian Education

A certain excitement comes with the start of a new school year. Like many students as summer begins to wind down, I started feeling the all too familiar back-to-school blues. The uncertainty of taking on a new role as a teacher for my second year at St. Francis Indian School was getting to me… still […]

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Native Video Series: Legacy of the Reservation System

Helen shares a video about the formation of the Indian reservation system and the legacy it left in its wake.

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Remember Native Americans on Independence Day

Independence Day is a day to remember the victory of becoming free sovereign and independent states. While many tribes are recognized as sovereign nations, the US has a lot more work to do to recognize Native Americans as independent from government restrictions.

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Healthy Kids & the 1491 Diet

The Native American diet and how nutritional value has changed in recent history, affecting their health and high disease rates.

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