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Indigenous History and Its Effect on Education Equity in South Dakota

Education equity implies giving every single student the necessary support to succeed… How can we prepare students for college, career and life if we’re omitting… the history of many Native students’ ancestors.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Native American Rights

On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, remember that King’s actions aided Native Americans more than most of us know. He advocated for the desegregation of Native Americans and inspired much of the modern-day advocacy for Native rights.

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National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day brings a chance for all of us to remember that everyone is trying to live their lives the best they can and to help others along the way.

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Women’s History Month: Changemakers of Social Equity

March is Women’s History Month, and these three Native American women have contributed to the greater good, breaking barriers to improve the lives of Native Americans and improve social equity in the U.S.

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What Is Food Insecurity?

Food insecurity is a challenge affecting 23% of Native Americans.

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Social Equity

Kelly mentioned “social equity” in her blog topic on Chaske Spencer and Native Americans Giving Back, and it got me to thinking, just what is social equity?  Well, there are many broad definitions and there are many focused definitions.  And although the definitions vary slightly based on the field of study or the context of […]

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