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Winter warmth means less hardship for Native American Elders

Like this 99-year-old Native American grandmother, many other Elders also need winter fuel assistance. You can help us warm up their winters and keep them safe from winter risk by donating to PWNA’s Winter Warmth Drive today.

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Keeping Children Active and Learning in Summer Months

Memorial Day weekend is often considered the unofficial start to summer and now that it’s behind us, summer break is on the minds of many children – and their parents! Summer may call for some rest and relaxation, but maintaining some aspects of the school day is just as important to keep young minds learning […]

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Green Trends on the Rez: The Best of Two Worlds

As Andrew mentioned in his February 24 blog post on walking in two worlds, “there is the world of contemporary time and place defined by the mainstream culture, and there is the world of indigenous culture, knowledge and understanding.” In addition to the individual experience, the two worlds intersect in the realm of new tools […]

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Reservation Series: Rosebud

The history, culture and economy of the Rosebud Sioux Reservation.

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20/20 Hidden America: More Than That

We believe in a hopeful future and, despite the difficulties on the reservations, there is also much strength and hope. Some of you may recall “Hidden America,” the program that aired last October on 20/20. It was about children of the Pine Ridge Reservation, the challenges they face, and their hopes and dreams. If you missed the program, you […]

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Honoring American Indian Veterans: Rosebud

Veterans… “I took a vow, a sacred vow.” Protecting family and community is inherit among Native Americans and “respect for relationships is paramount.”

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