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The Untold Story After the First Thanksgiving

To grasp the untold story after the first Thanksgiving, one need only look at realities on the reservations and realize that history and policies, then and now, have shaped the most adverse challenges of modern Native life. To learn more, go to www.PWNA4hope.org,

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The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving

To learn the real story of the first Thanksgiving, as shared by historians of Squanto’s tribe – the Wampanoags – and the pilgrims in Plymouth Colony, vist www.PWNA4hope.org and download our compelling story curated in 2016.

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The First Thanksgiving, The Last of Its Kind

It’s nearly 5:00pm. Outside the setting sun reminds me that autumn is here and winter is coming. Each day seems to grow shorter, sometimes colder, and somewhat lonelier. Yet, I remain excited to know that with the season comes end of the year holidays. Despite the meaning, purpose, or history of the upcoming holidays, I’m […]

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