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National Nutrition Month and Access to Healthy Food

Partnership With Native Americans supports national nutrition and a return to traditional diets through gardens, healthy cooking classes, training on canning, preservation and a mobile unit for nutrition training in remote tribal communities.

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Happy Holidays and Thank You!

PWNA’s staff, Board of Directors and partners are aligned around a mission that respects the self-determined goals and rights of tribes, as we listen and learn about the solutions that are working in their communities.

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PWNA receives a Grant from the Walmart Foundation for Nutritional Impact in Native American Communities

“The Walmart Foundation is pleased to support the efforts of PWNA to improve the diets in Native communities and increase the knowledge and availability of healthy foods,” said Carol May, Program Manager for the Walmart Foundation.

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A High Impact Food Partner & Project in Indian Country

Food sovereignty has been a major focus in sustainable community development across Indian country.

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Native Video Series: Dakota Life / Native Gardens

Helen shows a video that talks about nutrition, obesity and diabetes related to Native American people.

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America’s Most Vulnerable

Huskie is one of those people you wish everyone could meet. He lives in a contemporary Hogan in the Spider Rock community, through a maze of rutted out dirt ways several miles off the Canyon de Chelly road. Huskie is 80 years old. He has no transportation. He still cooks for himself but on the […]

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Healthy Kids, Bringing Balance to Diabetes

How the life experiences of one Lakota woman can impact her reservation through developing a wellness curriculum for Head Start children in her area.

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Healthy Kids & the 1491 Diet

The Native American diet and how nutritional value has changed in recent history, affecting their health and high disease rates.

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Nutrition

Kelly has been talking about our Champion for Healthy Kids project being sponsored by General Mills and being conducted on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation. This has me thinking about the connection between nutrition and the chronic disease and genetic disease that plagues the Native American people. Did you know that 1 in 4 Native […]

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Champion for Healthy Kids at Crow Creek

I wanted to share a bit more about NRC’s Healthy Kids project.  As previously mentioned, one aim of the program will be to increase physical activity and good nutritional choices among children on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.  Other objectives of this project include: Increasing the number of children and family members in a […]

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