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History of the Hopi People

We’re taking a look at the diverse culture and history of the Hopi people — known as “the Peaceful Ones.”

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Native History: The Medicine Lodge Treaty of 1867

In the Medicine Lodge Treaty of 1867, five tribes ceded familiar lands and hunting grounds, in exchange for allotted reservation lands. They also unknowingly gave up their freedom to leave the reservation or practice their religion and traditions. Doing so was considered a breach of treaty, although the U.S. found reason to breach the treaty around 1903 when the Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock case was before the Supreme Court.

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Recently in Native News

In keeping with our goal of informing readers of the news and culture affect Native American communities from across the country, Partnership With Native Americans has compiled our favorite stories from the month of May. Stay up to date with more articles by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The First Native American Congresswoman […]

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Pocahontas: Fact & Fiction

The real story of Pocahontas (Amonute, Matoaka, Rebecca) is much more dramatic and possibly much darker than most people realize.

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