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Ira Hayes: Hero by Happenstance?

In many ways, Ira Hayes was just like many of us – quiet, humble, and driven to do the best he could at what he did. In his case, this included critical service such as helping to raise the flag at Iwo Jima and serving among the many Navajo code talkers and other Native American veterans.

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Everything You Wanted to Know: Contest Winner

“Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians” book contest winner. Announcement of new Q&A series based on the book by Anton Truer.

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The Rez of the Story

For those of you who’ve been following the blog posts of Native American journalist and author Vince Two Eagles, I have some good news:  Vince’s new book is out!! This book is a compilation of Vince’s work as published in several South Dakota newspapers. In keeping with the spirit of his infamous tagline, the book is called “The […]

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Can I Visit the Reservations? – Plains Rewind

Sites to visit in the Plains close to the American Indian reservation.

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Treaties & History We Didn’t Learn in School

In my March 3 post, I mentioned that many people believe American Indians are taken care of under the treaties. A little more research into the treaties tells us something different. Education, housing, and healthcare are not all free for American Indians. American Indians do not get a government check every month just because they […]

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History Still Affects Indian Country Today

When we began developing services at National Relief Charities over 20 years ago, we knew that it was important for us to have an understanding of the history and culture of American Indian people. Effective humanitarian services are built around local values and priorities. Being familiar with the history that shaped the people you serve gives […]

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