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HealthCare for Native Americans

Unable to make it through a fiscal year without running out of funds, I.H.S. is limiting treatment to only the most sensitive cases such as those involving loss of life or limb, so this nonprofit supports preventative healthcare on the reservations.

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Native Video Series: “Don’t Get Sick after June”

The Indian Health Service (I.H.S.) is not a welfare program but a treaty obligation. The I.H.S. routinely runs out of funds mid-year limiting reservation healthcare to “life or limb” emergencies.

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Federal Shutdown Affects Indian Tribes

Federal shutdown impacts tribes already hard hit by sequestration, budget cuts, and underfunding of treaty obligaitons.

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America’s Most Vulnerable

Huskie is one of those people you wish everyone could meet. He lives in a contemporary Hogan in the Spider Rock community, through a maze of rutted out dirt ways several miles off the Canyon de Chelly road. Huskie is 80 years old. He has no transportation. He still cooks for himself but on the […]

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