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Do More Casinos Mean More Problem Gambling?

Often, Indian casinos are seen through a lens focused purely on economic and community development. More often than not, that lens distorts the reality of Indian casinos and their impact on federally recognized tribes. Typically, mainstream perspectives converge around a new stereotype — the “rich” casino Indian. Yet, in reality, Indians made wealthy by gaming […]

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Native Americans Giving Back: Wes Studi

“Why don’t Native Americans help each other? We hear this question often. The answer is, they do… wealthy tribes assist other tribes, Indian gaming creates new jobs, tribes partner in sustainability projects… But, we want this to hit home for our readers, so we are launching the “Native Americans Giving Back” series to feature Native […]

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By the Numbers: Indian Gaming

Indian Gaming, while increasing revenue for some tribes, does not impact all Native American tribes. Many remain impoverished, struggling economically.

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