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Native American Day in Arizona

Arizona joins the ranks of only a handful of states that celebrate Native American Day.

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Recently in Native News

Catch up on recent #NativeNews from Jan. 2018

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Columbus Day: Shift the Focus

Can you tell me what the upcoming holiday is? Depending on who you are, that answer is going to change. For most, it’s Columbus Day and the history taught in school, and for others, Native American Day or Indigenous Peoples Day. Regardless of what you call it, the celebration of Columbus can be taken as […]

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What Patriotism Means to Me, as a Native American

There was a time when I was asked what to do when the National Anthem played. As a child I had always done the pledge of allegiance at school. Yet, as I grew older I started looking into Native American history…

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Reflecting on 2016, Welcoming 2017

We accomplished a lot in 2016. Join us in welcoming 2017 with open arms and keeping up with our work here on the blog, and on our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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The Untold Story After the First Thanksgiving

To grasp the untold story after the first Thanksgiving, one need only look at realities on the reservations and realize that history and policies, then and now, have shaped the most adverse challenges of modern Native life. To learn more, go to www.PWNA4hope.org,

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The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving

To learn the real story of the first Thanksgiving, as shared by historians of Squanto’s tribe – the Wampanoags – and the pilgrims in Plymouth Colony, vist www.PWNA4hope.org and download our compelling story curated in 2016.

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The Buffalo Takes Its Place in History Again

While the bison may never again number the masses they once did, their population growth over the last 100 years is a testament to their resiliency and place in history as the United States National Mammal.

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Causes of Poverty

Helen wrote about some of the difficult statistics that are reality on many isolated American Indian reservations today.  These statistics – high levels of unemployment, disease, school drop-out, food insecurity, overcrowded housing conditions – are symptomatic of the social issue of poverty. Many people equate poverty with a lack of money.  It is actually far […]

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