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PBS Documentary on Native American Diets Now Airing

“Healthy food choices are in abundance for most Americans, but that’s not always the case for our Native American citizens,” said Rafael Tapia, Jr., PWNA Vice President of Programs.

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Growing More Than Gardens on the Reservation

In a world where food deserts, low food security and nutrition-related diseases are common, what could be better than community gardening programs? PWNA reservation partners throughout the Northern Plains and the Southwest are championing and teaching gardening as a sustainable food solution in their remote tribal communities. To assist these gardening and food sovereignty initiatives, […]

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What Is Food Sovereignty?

Food sovereignty is about the right of a people to determine their own policies relative to food and agriculture–rather than having their food supply subject to market forces. The indigenous people of this country certainly understand…

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Tribes Leading the Way: 5 Points of Progress

For American Indian reservations, progress toward economic development, infrastructure and social change often comes in small increments but adds up to big gains over time. Here are 5 points of progress we’ve seen in recent years for the tribes in our service area…

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Nutrition Survival for Children of the Rez

In an effort to improve the nutritional health of children in America, NRC has developed Rez Survival Kits for the children of the Native American reservations.

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Emergency Food Programs Cut: SNAP & TEFAP

TEFAP budget cuts raise concerns for organizations that provide food for the needy in high-need states, including states with food deserts and high rates of food insecurity.

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Fresh Food for Food Deserts

NRC assists American Indian communities with fresh produce and support with hundreds of gardens on the reservations.

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