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American Indian Heritage Day & Month

Linking the national Native American Heritage Day to Thanksgiving is fitting, given the contributions of American Indians that long preceded the first harvest of the pilgrims.

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A Day in the Life of a Community Health Representative

On Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day, PWNA honors CHRs for being role models and committing themselves to improving the health and welfare of their neighbors, families and tribal nations.

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Heart Disease Awareness & Cancer Prevention for American Indians

While heart disease awareness and cancer prevention can help curb these leading causes of death for Native Americans, there are some striking health and healthcare disparities between American Indians/Alaskan Natives and their Caucasian counterparts in the U.S.

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November Celebrates American Indian Heritage Month & Native American Heritage Day

American Indian Heritage Month is an apt remembrance given that the contributions of the First Americans long preceded and continued after the first Thanksgiving.

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What Is Food Insecurity?

Food insecurity is a challenge affecting 23% of Native Americans.

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Native American Scholarships: Beyond 4.0 and Financial Need

American Indian Education Foundation provides scholarships to Native American students.

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The Importance of Our New Name: Partnership With Native Americans

The name Partnership With Native Americans also does more: it clearly and readily communicates to the public who we are and what we do.

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Why I Am Proud to Be a Native American in the U.S.

As we reflect on the recent July 4th holiday and all the celebrations that took place across the United States, I feel a sense of personal pride. This truly is a great country in which to live. But, more specifically, I feel proud to be a part of it and to be a Native American. […]

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College is a Realistic and Necessary Goal for Native Youth

In the midst of the hot, long summer days when children are free from classrooms, school is often the last thing on everyone’s minds. And unfortunately, that thinking can bleed into the school year, as many youth do not see postsecondary education (or college) as a realistic goal. Seemingly, nor should they, based on the […]

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BIE Schools & Free Education for Native Americans

Native Americans pay the financial cost, the emotional cost, and the same uncertainty about employment after college that many Americans face.

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