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What We Are Thankful For

What we are thankful for: the generosity of gift-in-kind donors that donated more than $1 million in critical supplies to PWNA’s 100-day supply drive.

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What Is Food Sovereignty?

Food sovereignty is about the right of a people to determine their own policies relative to food and agriculture–rather than having their food supply subject to market forces. The indigenous people of this country certainly understand…

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Cobell Settlement Win is Not Financial

The Cobell Settlement and the positive impact resulting between the US Government and Native Americans.

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Reservation Series: Crow Agency

A look a the Crow Indian Reservation and its history and culture.

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Native American Tribe Names

Many tribes have come to be known by names given to them by someone else. Often, these names were changed by the government, the Spaniards, the French, or other tribes who found it convenient to use a different frame of reference

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Unprecedented Flooding Hits First Nations Hard

North Dakota tribes have been affected by ongoing flooding since February of this year. On May 10, President Obama declared the North Dakota flooding a major disaster, which opened up Federal funding to state and local governments for emergency work and repair or replacement of facilities in nearly 40 localities, including the Spirit Lake Nation, […]

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