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America’s Most Vulnerable

Huskie is one of those people you wish everyone could meet. He lives in a contemporary Hogan in the Spider Rock community, through a maze of rutted out dirt ways several miles off the Canyon de Chelly road. Huskie is 80 years old. He has no transportation. He still cooks for himself but on the […]

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Services for Native American Elders

American Indians living on reservations have the lowest life expectancy of any ethnic group in the United States.  High rates of disease, accidents, inadequate health care and lack of access to affordable nutritious food are some of the reasons life expectancy on reservations lags behind the general US population.  However, consistent with general trends for […]

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A Place for Older Americans

Kelly talked about Native elders being an important part of American Indian communities. Indeed, elders are revered and respected throughout Native cultures.  The communities show this respect in many ways… listening, seeking their wisdom, serving them first at meals, looking to them for prayers, honoring them as Veterans, making them a central part of family […]

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