Sharing the Good in 2014

SNRF-CX-Rockyford-Santa-Stop-21-2007We have written recently about NRC’s work with Native communities around the holidays. Now that tens of thousands of Christmas stockings and holiday meals have placed, we are taking a breather to reflect on what has been accomplished and learned in 2014.

We are pleased and humbled that hundreds of partner agencies on reservations asked NRC to work alongside them again this year to improve conditions in their communities. We responded to more than 5,500 requests for assistance from our partner agencies to support important projects related to disease prevention, job training, youth development and public safety, and hundreds of schools were able to provide students with new shoes, clothing and school supplies. In partnership with people who live and work in the reservation communities NRC serves, a good deal has been accomplished this year.

Sharing the Good - RTdRgzqT9Our partners have made important strides in the areas of health promotion and improved access to food. We have had the opportunity to support really smart, community-led efforts in the areas of food security and improved nutrition.

We have been inspired by educators and students who are working hard to raise the educational attainment and future prospects of youth. We are encouraged to see that ALL of the nearly 200 scholarship students NRC funded are on track to complete this semester.

At the end of each year, our team also reflects on important lessons we have learned or that have been reinforced. There are our lessons and reminders from 2014:

  • So much more can be accomplished by working together.
  • The communities we serve have the answers to the challenges they face.
  • Our role is often simply to activate and support ideas community members have to improve lives.

Sharing the Good - buncee_clipart_holiday_100The lesson from Indian country is a resounding one of partnership, strength and resilience.

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