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In pursuit of our goal to keep you informed of the top stories about Native life from across the country, Partnership With Native Americans has compiled our favorite stories from the month of September for your enjoyment. Stay up to date with more articles by following us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Trump’s Border Wall Could Carve Path Through Native American Lands via NBC News

  • “Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Edward Manuel is determined to prevent President Trump’s proposed border wall from carving a path through his tribe’s lands — a move which he said would separate members from much needed resources and disrupt the community’s way of life. The nation, which is about the size of Connecticut, is a federally recognized tribe that has land and members on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.”

Native American Journalists Debate Future of Media in Indian Country via VOA News

  • “The collapse of a prominent Native American media network has triggered debate over how Native media can best serve the interests of communities across Indian Country and counter stereotypes and misinformation in the mainstream press. Native American journalism dates back to the Cherokee Phoenix, founded in 1828 to advocate against the U.S. government policy of assimilation and forced removal. Many newspapers have since come and gone, victims of high costs and low revenue.”

Bears Ears is sacred to Native Americans. But heritage isn’t all equal for Trump via The Guardian

  • “Bears Ears is one of the most powerful and historic cultural and spiritual centers of the first peoples of the south-west. The monument, established in the twilight of the Obama administration, stands just next door to Canyonlands national park, north of the San Juan river and east of the Colorado. The rock formation after which the monument is named comprises twin buttes standing high above the piñon-juniper treetops, carved canyons, and majestic mesas – like the head of a bear emerging from the south-west landscape.”

Compromise Reached in Boycott of Native American School via The New York Times

  • “A dispute over who should lead an elementary school that serves almost exclusively Native American children has been resolved, just in time for the start of classes next week.”

How Native Americans and Immigrants Are Coming Together to Define the Future of Resistance via Splinter News

  • “One thing was clear, though: it would take a vast amount of work to create a sustainable coalition that can actually change things, up to and including rewriting the story we tell ourselves as a country. But given that so many attendees were already individually working towards progress, a powerful collaboration seemed like it could actually happen.”
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