Effective Nonprofits Make a Difference

We’ve been talking about doing it right and the need for humanitarian services to have a true impact. Well, today we’ve just finished looking at our results for last year. We had set some very clear goals for ourselves last year and I’m excited about our results and our impact.

Here are a few of the ways that National Relief Charities  made a difference in 2010:

  • Supported 5,436 events, activities, and projects on 75+ reservations for our Program Partners
  • Served over 20,000 American Indian students through scholarships, emergency funds, transitional training, tools required for college health degree programs, and school supplies
  • Almost doubled the amount of food provided to food banks in a year, by collaborating with off-reservation food banks
  • Provided over $175,000 in sustainability grants that challenged reservation programs to get up and running
  • About 75% of our Program Partners increased their volume of requests to NRC, and we fulfilled all of them
  • Provided over $29 million in goods and services — over 70% of our annual revenue
  • Ensured that 86% of our Program Partners were more effective in their jobs, through the support of NRC programs
  • Reached about 5.5 million people in our public education¬†about conditions on the reservations

You can read more about what National Relief Charities¬†did in 2010, and the impact we had, by reading our 2010 Effectiveness Report online. Please do — and let me know what you think!!

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