Native Video Series: “Indian Education”

We have an educational system that continues to fail Native people big time… Recruiting students isn’t the problem. Once they’re there at the institution, we still struggle with meeting the needs.
– David Isham, Minnesota College and University System

Native American students face many obstacles in achieving an education. Often, Native students who attend public schools are not provided the resources mandated under Title VII of the Leave No Child Behind Act. Although a federal law governs what is supposed to happen to Native children that are taken in by the public foster care system – the Indian Child Welfare Act – but reportedly no state is in full compliance with this act. The Indian education system continues to show an achievement gap for Native students that has lasted for decades and goes beyond grade school. In this video, educators and the Bureau of Indian Education come together in the hopes of creating change.

This video first aired in January 2012 after the American Indian Education Summit in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Native American Elders have always said that the children are the future. Some say education is the answer and education must be the priority. National Relief Charities agrees and for this reason we invest a large amount of resources toward Indian education each year.

We’d love to hear what you think… 
Is education the answer for a better future in Indian country?
Why do you think the achievement gap exists in Indian education?
What do you think would help Indian children be more successful in school?

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