If You’re Traveling This Thanksgiving, Remember To Be Kind

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season in which we reflect on the blessings and gifts we have been given, and the kindness we have received – something we often take for granted. But as we embark on the busiest travel time of the year, let us remember the importance of kindness toward others around us.

It’s easy to forget to be kind and instead focus on our bad day, whether it was a spilt coffee or a late meeting that upset us. However, kind gestures toward others can often minimize negativity and more times than not, those gestures are reciprocated.

The holidays are no exception and in fact offer an even more critical reason to show kindness. AAA projects almost 25 million people will be traveling by air this Thanksgiving and twice as many will be driving to their destinations – that’s a lot of potential missed flights, forgotten items and lengthy waits in TSA security lines or in traffic. However, you could be the positivity others need during these otherwise stressful moments.

PWNA knows firsthand how stressful the holidays can be, even for those who are traveling to or from remote reservation communities with limited access to transportation. When PWNA delivers supplies to program partners in these communities, they show kindness toward those they visit and come across along the way.

The following tips might help make your holiday travels more enjoyable, as well:

  • Pack efficiently and correctly by making a list beforehand and allowing yourself enough time to pack in an organized manner.
  • Allow extra time for unexpected delays.
  • Pack snacks that will travel well (even through airport security) and keep you fueled (nuts and fruits are healthy options that you can easily pack and eat).
  • Be kind to those you come across while traveling.
  • Find gratitude in being able to travel, as not everyone is so fortunate.

On behalf of PWNA, we hope that you’ll travel safely and kindly this Thanksgiving. The memories made are the most important takeaway of our holiday travels and as the wonderful Mr. Rogers once said, “The greatest thing we can do is to let people know they are loved.”

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