Video: “Always Remember” (Herbert Bros)

When people step up to take on the role of storyteller, you know they feel the story is important. This was true for Joe and Dave Herbert when they produced this new video called “Always Remember.”

In a recent press release announcing the video, Joe Herbert says, “The people in this story are like six degrees from invisible. It’s a big eye opener.” The Herbert Brothers created this video in cooperation with National Relief Charities because they were so awed by what is going on around the country and by what they feel most people don’t know anything about.

What I personally like about this video is how it blends the historical timeline with present day happenings. I revisited the 1830 to 2013 timeline a few times because so much of Native American history is not taught in schools. I also liked how the unusual animation effects create a sense of the “now” – like seeing something happen in real life.

I truly appreciate that the brothers recognize the importance of helping each other and of honoring hopes and dreams and protecting the future of the children. I also appreciate that Joe and Dave Herbert put their hearts and minds into creating this video in the hopes of telling the story and raising awareness. Already, it has led some people to sign a pledge to #Always Remember #NativeAmericans.

Photo by VideoContestNews,

Photo by VideoContestNews,

The Herbert Brothers are famous for their video that took first place in the “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” ad contest of 2009. At the time, the brothers were still new at their craft yet through smart market analysis managed to take the top spot and end a 10-year winning streak for Budweiser ads.

To learn more, please check out the Herbert Brothers website and follow HerbertBros on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. You can follow us at NRCprograms on YouTube and Twitter. Herbert Brothers logo

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