Four Directions Development Training

As many of you know, our organization approaches quality of life for Native Americans in a couple of ways:  providing immediate relief and supporting long-term solutions in collaboration with our reservation partners.  Plus, we have long said that education is a key to the long-term challenges facing Native American tribes.President Obama - A New Day - MedicineWheelCMYK

True to cause, our newest service – 4 Directions Development Program (4D) – takes a long-term view of capacity building, mentoring and training grassroots leaders who want to make a greater contribution to their communities.

4 Directions Development Program is unlike any training offered in Indian country. Our 4D participants commit to completing a six-month program, during which they identify personal and professional development goals and work with mentors to attain them.

Our very first 4D cohort wrapped up in March 2015 in the Northern Plains. Although we will be tracking and reporting the progress of our partner-participants for up to three years, we are excited about the preliminary results of their personalized training:

9 reservation partners participated in the first cohort of 4D training
100% completed the cohort and reported learning new skills
91% of partners were more equipped and demonstrating new skills by mid-cohort
100% of partners are actively networking with their training cohort & mentor

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Among the partners’ self-identified goals were public speaking, networking for resource development, grant writing, financial education and teambuilding, as well as self-care such as personal support systems and healthy eating choices during peak periods of work and other requirements.

We have been testing and revamping our training service with reservation partners since 2012. Our unique 4D training service is a direct result of feedback from our reservation partners about what will help them be more effective.

The second cohort of 4D is underway. Our other Long-Term Solutions include Community Investment Projects and Higher Education services.

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