Feinstein Foundation’s Fight Against Hunger

The Feinstein Foundation hosts the Annual $1 Million Giveaway to Fight Hunger campaign. Developed by Alan Shawn Feinstein, the campaign invites nonprofits that help combat hunger to join him in one of the largest matching gift campaigns in the U.S.  He offers to match funds raised by participating nonprofits with an additional $1 million – and nonprofits can use this to help motivate donors. NRC has found that donors like to give when they know that their donation dollars will be matched or multiplied by another donor or organization. Feinstein takes the collective amount raised by participating nonprofits and gives each a proportional amount of the $1 million, based on what they raised.  NRC was excited to receive almost $8,500 from the Feinstein Foundation this year. 

Besides participating in the matching gift offer for the last three years, NRC has used the Fight Hunger campaign to help us increase our gift-in-kind donations from existing food partners and to encourage new partners to support our mission with donated foods. In the two months that the campaign ran this year,  NRC was able to secure over 675,000 pounds of  food.  We have come to appreciate this aspect of participating in the Feinstein Fight Hunger campaign, as it helps us serve additional people living on the poverty-stricken and remote Indian reservations where we work.

We encourage all nonprofits whose services help combat hunger to learn more about the Feinstein Foundation and their Fight Hunger campaign.

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