Feinstein Annual $1M Giveaway

Feinstein Annual Giveaway - Infographic Food & Health FactsThe annual Feinstein Campaign to End Hunger is still going strong after 17 years, and 2014 marks the sixth year NRC is participating in this campaign, along with nearly 2,000 food pantries, soup kitchens and other ministries who answered the call. More people in America are facing food insecurity than ever before… we can help them and help each other by working together. The deadline for the Feinstein Challenge is April 30, 2014!

Alan Shawn Feinstein, an American philanthropist from Rhode Island, began the Feinstein Foundation in 1991 to address the issue of hunger in America more creatively. His foundation distributes $1M each spring to agencies raising money to help end food insecurity. The $1M is proportionately divided among participating agencies based on the amount of money or gift-in-kind (GIK) donations they raise through the campaign. The more money an agency raises compared to other participants, the greater the portion of the $1M they receive. Depending on the size and reach of a participating agency, the contribution from the Feinstein Foundation may be nominal, or it may be significant. In the past five campaigns, NRC received nearly $25,000 from the foundation.

Another significant benefit of participating is rallying existing donors and potential new donors to the cause. Our in-kind supporters donated more than 6M pounds of food and individual donors gave nearly $1M through the campaign over the past 5 years. Translated, this means more food for distribution on the reservations, more funding to support the distributions, more relationships with supporters and more awareness of the cause.

We appreciate that donors like it when their contributions have an added impact on their charity of choice and the Campaign to Fight Hunger is no exception. NRC is proud to participate in this campaign and to help raise awareness about hunger in America. If you have not yet responded to one of our packages about the Feinstein challenge, please do so now or find other participants in your area and support their effort. To learn more, read our story in the NRC pressroom about food insecurity.

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