Elouise Cobell, for the Next Generation

We were very saddened to learn the news about Elouise Cobell passing on. She was a courageous leader of social change for the Native American people. Her passing is a great loss to the Blackfeet people and to us all.

Back in June, after the Cobell settlement was signed and lots of media attention was focused on the agreement, we took a moment to look at the lifelong accomplishments of Elouise Cobell and to share some of those in our blog.  It is good to revisit this now and remember.

Most of all, it seems that Elouise wanted to prepare the next generation to be strong in managing tribal affairs and embracing self-governance in order to continue her work. Speaking about the Cobell settlement in May 2010, Elouise Cobell said:  “I think if young people pick up the torch and continue to carry the torch that this will never happen to us again.” 

Ms. Cobell is a great granddaughter of Mountain Chief, the last hereditary leader of the Blackfeet people. From all of us at National Relief Charities, our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family.

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