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A Native View on Spirit Animals and Animal Medicine

Spirit Animal, Animal Guide, Spirit Helper. These terms are used among different cultures to describe spirits of benevolent nature, usually helping someone during a hard time. These spirits can bring strength, insight, and even a sense or feeling to someone who needs it.

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Back to School with TOMS and Bombas

For 2018, families will spend an average $684.79 on school supplies, backpacks, clothing and other back to school items for each child. The realization of this expense for even one student makes the school supplies provided by PWNA and its American Indian Education Fund (AIEF) program all the more imperative for children on the reservations.

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Summer Reading List

A good book can be hard to find, even more so one that’s Native-focused. When I was young and would get into trouble, my dad wouldn’t ground me. Instead, he’d often give me a topic to research or a book to read – always on Lakota culture – and have me write a short paper […]

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Recently in Native News

A dozen heroes will be inducted into the first Native American Hall of Fame. Native mascots are being removed by sports teams. The Warm Springs Hotshots crew is one of only seven based on a reservation and one of four administered by a tribe. Read this and more Native news from the month of July.

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2018 Backpack Drive – Providing School Supplies and Hope to Native Students

Today, 35 percent of Native American children live below the poverty line, making it almost impossible for their families to shoulder the financial investment of back-to-school season. As a parent, what would you do when facing a choice between food and pencils? Backpacks or shoes?

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Purple Heart Appreciation Day: Honoring Our Combat Veterans

Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly 19 percent of Native Americans serve in the military — a higher rate than any other minority in America. One veteran an Purple Heart recipient is furthering his contribution to defense of our country, with support of the American Indian Education Fund (AIEF) program.

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Op-Ed: Let’s Not Repeat History—Lessons Learned from Federal Separation of Children and Families

Op-ed: Let’s not repeat history: Lessons learned from federal separation of children and families

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5 Contemporary Native American Artists You Should Know

It has been said that most people think of “beads and feathers” when they hear the term “Native American art.” Here are 5 contemporary Native artists who are breaking through these misconceptions with a variety of art forms and styles.

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Recently in Native News

As part of our continued endeavor to inform readers of the news and culture relating to Native American communities from across the country, Partnership With Native Americans has compiled our favorite stories from the month of June. Stay up to date with more articles by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. How this man […]

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Exploring Parks and National Landmarks on Tribal Lands

Many people who flock to nearby campgrounds, hiking trails, and natural landmarks don’t always realize the history of the lands they’re visiting. Consider exploring some of these natural landmarks rich in Native American history and significance.

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