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Native American Doctors Are Needed

There is a misconception in the U.S. that all Native Americans get free health care and are taken care of under the treaties – this is not true. “The film Medicine Woman by Princella RedCorn portrays the life of the first Native American doctor—Susan La Flesche Picotte—became a doctor in the late 1800s and rallied for basic health care as a passionate prohibitionist.

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Growing More Than Gardens on the Reservation

In a world where food deserts, low food security and nutrition-related diseases are common, what could be better than community gardening programs? PWNA reservation partners throughout the Northern Plains and the Southwest are championing and teaching gardening as a sustainable food solution in their remote tribal communities. To assist these gardening and food sovereignty initiatives, […]

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Being Prepared Anytime, Anywhere, for Anything on the Reservation

PWNA’s community investment project funded by the Red Cross is aspiring to re-strengthen the preparedness of reservation communities inevitably faced with modern day disasters and the need for emergency relief.

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High Need Scholarships for Native American Students

If you’re a Native American student or know of a deserving applicant, we encourage you to learn more by reviewing our scholarship applications.

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An Answer to Food Insecurity in Indian Country

Partnership With Native Americans is innovating new ways to support sustainable food resources in tribal communities, from locally grown fresh foods to mobile food kitchens.

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Native American Scholarships: Beyond 4.0 and Financial Need

American Indian Education Foundation provides scholarships to Native American students.

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College is a Realistic and Necessary Goal for Native Youth

In the midst of the hot, long summer days when children are free from classrooms, school is often the last thing on everyone’s minds. And unfortunately, that thinking can bleed into the school year, as many youth do not see postsecondary education (or college) as a realistic goal. Seemingly, nor should they, based on the […]

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10 Things You Must Start Now to Get Ready for College

10 things you must do to get ready for college, scholarships, ACT and SAT testing, for Native American and non-Native students and juniors in high school. Do not delay, follow this calendar.

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Making Life More “Bearable” through Animal Welfare

ROAR — Rescue Operation for Animals of the Reservation — supports immediate and long-term needs related to animal welfare, community education and related community health risk. ROAR is a program of National Relief Charities.

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Native American Video Series: Food Insecurity in America

Helen provides a video that discusses Food Insecurity especially on the Native American reservations.

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