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What is Food Sovereignty and Why is it Important to Tribes?

Put simply, food sovereignty is the right of a community to identify and control how their food is produced and distributed, and this includes the quantity and quality of what they are consuming. Often, people think food sovereignty is the assurance we have enough food to meet our physical needs, but it goes far beyond […]

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Increasing Food Security with Olo for Good & Tides Foundation

The need for access to healthy food and clean drinking water on remote reservations cannot be overstated. Thanks to a generous gift of $150,000 from Olo For Good (Olo) and Tides Foundation (Tides), PWNA will increase food security in marginalized reservation communities across the U.S. The defining characteristic of food insecurity is reduced food intake […]

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Tackling Water Insecurity in Tribal Communities

A 2019 report on EPA data called “Watered Down Justice” confirmed there is unequal access to safe drinking water, and this affects communities of color the most.

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Revitalizing Traditional Native Foodways and Health

On the heels of World Hunger Day I’m thinking about Indigenous health and food insecurity, which is a precursor to hunger. Native Americans pass down information through the generations by word of mouth. Elders teach community members how to prepare wild game and fish, forage for edible plants or use them for medicine, and how […]

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Big Game Day Foods and the Worry of Food Security Collide

The National Retail Association predicted families would spend an average of $85 on Big Game Day foods this year. But not all U.S. families were able to participate.

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NativeAware Beyond the Giving Season

While we have turned the corner of the giving season, that time of year when many Americans consider charitable commitments, support is still needed across Indian Country.

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Thanksgiving: A Time for Remembering Native Americans

For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a bittersweet reminder of the real Thanksgiving story that is often absent from U.S. history books. While Native people love to gather and enjoy their families like the rest of us, they also remember our ancestors and the many elements of their culture that have been lost, appropriated or […]

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Olo for Good Donates $150,000 for PWNA to Distribute Ancestral Foods

Thanks to this grant from the Olo for Good fund, PWNA {Partnership With Native Americans] will be able to purchase Native ancestral foods from Native producers and distribute them to the Native communities for the first time in our organization’s history.

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Help Ease Food Insecurity with Food & Water for Tribal Communities

…even pre-pandemic, low food security was a factor for one in four Native American households.,, Add to this out-of-control food prices, the sparse grocery stores on some reservations, and the limited availability of food on convenience store shelves and it is a lot to bear.

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What are you Eating for Breakfast?

The fond memory of waking up to the smell of smoke from a recently lit wood stove was a sign that my mother, grandmother or elder auntie would soon be cooking breakfast. I grew up in Southern Arizona in a small Native American Yaqui Village. Most of our neighbors had wood stoves, and the smoke […]

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