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Your comments are welcome on the Partnership With Native Americans Blog and we encourage you to share your thoughts and experience with us. Your contributions can add insight for others, both on the topics and approaches to social media. By registering your email and adding a comment to the PWNA Blog, you agree to the terms of this comment policy:

  • Email Address: All commenters must provide a valid email address that PWNA can use to contact you, if necessary. Your email address will not appear in your comments.
  • Moderation: Consistent with industry practice, PWNA’s blog moderator reviews all comments you contribute to the site for appropriateness. Please be patient while your comment is awaiting moderation. PWNA also moderates all trackbacks and pingbacks.
  • Content Discretion: PWNA retains the right to maintain the comments posted on this site as part of the site content. While we agree to follow these guidelines, we reserve the right to make exceptions at our discretion.
  • Tone of Comments: PWNA ensures a safe, educational and helpful environment on the PWNA blog where people can freely ask questions and share thoughts and answers. If your comments are rude, racist, stereotyping, attacking, or disrespectful to any person or ethnic group, the PWNA blog moderator will edit or delete them to maintain a healthy site and environment for exchange.
  • Opposing Views: PWNA welcomes your comments even when your opinion or experience differs from our point of view. Please write such comments in a supportive, instructional tone to ensure the blog moderator approves them.
  • Relevance: Be sure any comments you post are relevant to the blog topic on which you are posting them. The blog moderator will mark Irrelevant content as spam.
  • Length: Keep your comments brief and easy for others to read.
  • Grammar: PWNA reserves the right to edit your comments for correct grammar and other language issues. However, we will preserve the original meaning of your comment.
  • Links: You may provide a link to your website or blog, or a relevant link within your comment as appropriate. However, PWNA reserves the right to edit all links within comments, including invalid links. PWNA also adheres to Google guidelines regarding bad links and spam.
  • Reputation: You understand that any comments you post on the PWNA blog become a permanent record online and may appear in search engine results. When posting a comment, always consider your own reputation first, especially when you feel committed or have a strong emotional response to the topic.
  • Legal Responsibility: Each commenter remains responsible for any legal and other consequences resulting from his or her comments.
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    Really insightful article. Definitely going to recommend this to other people!

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