AZ Gives Day: Don’t Miss It!

AZ Gives Logo with RNA promoSomeone recently asked me how NRC serves the state of Arizona. The answer was easy:

As one of the largest Native American serving charities in the US, National Relief Charities partners with 275 reservation programs across Arizona. And more than anything else, we provide hope.

Of course, I didn’t stop there… I went on to explain that we operate our Southwest program office and distribution center in Phoenix, AZ.  So we employ people locally to help American Indian people on the reservations in Arizona and other states. We also use local suppliers and services, pay utilities, buy fuel for long-distance trucking, and contribute to the local community through our 501(c)3 nonprofit operation. In addition to the material goods and services we provide for reservation programs in Arizona, our AIEF program provides scholarships to American Indian students, many of whom attend ASU, DeVry, NAU, Phoenix, and other local colleges and trade schools.

I also said that everything we do at National Relief Charities is about improving quality of life on the reservations. So whether we’re providing food for Native American elders, or school supplies and scholarships for Native youth, or food and other supplies for animal welfare programs, or simply creating jobs, we are helping people in Arizona year-round – because the need is year-round.

Arizona Gives Day (March 20, 2013) is a chance for everyone in Arizona to rally around the nonprofit community, to remember our important work and to give back. So we, and our reservation partners, are hoping that you will join our cause to Remember Native Americans on Arizona Gives Day .  It’s just one day. Please make it count!

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