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Indigenous Cinema Favorites

Not often feel-good films, indigenous cinema deals with the tougher issues that take place on the reservations, with colonization and assimilation into the modern world, and at the same time tells compelling stories complete with heroes, villains, vigilantes, and bystanders. Make your next movie night one of these Native American tales!

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The Apache Wars

The effects of relocation and colonization of the tribes, as well as the gold rush, the Apache Wars and other conflicts in U.S. history, are still felt today, though tribes are persevering and, like Geronimo, hold their hopes for the future.

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A Native Perspective on New Year’s

New Year’s is a good time for looking back and looking forward. At the end, that’s all anyone tries for: reflection on the last year, and prayer for another good one. What will you do better this year?

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World Diabetes Day & Diabetes in Native Communities

The rate of diabetes in Native Americans is 15 percent, more than for any other race. And why is this?

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The Fall Harvest, and Harvest Moons

For indigenous people who still work the lands to grow the foods that their ancestors once ate, the fall harvest is still important.

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Columbus Day: Shift the Focus

Can you tell me what the upcoming holiday is? Depending on who you are, that answer is going to change. For most, it’s Columbus Day and the history taught in school, and for others, Native American Day or Indigenous Peoples Day. Regardless of what you call it, the celebration of Columbus can be taken as […]

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National Preparedness Month & Disaster Relief

As a first responder for the reservations, PWNA meets the unexpected year-round. PWNA relies on individual donors as well as bulk donations of in-kind products to provide emergency relief and other emergency supplies and services in need by the tribes.

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What Patriotism Means to Me, as a Native American

There was a time when I was asked what to do when the National Anthem played. As a child I had always done the pledge of allegiance at school. Yet, as I grew older I started looking into Native American history…

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Pocahontas: Fact & Fiction

The real story of Pocahontas (Amonute, Matoaka, Rebecca) is much more dramatic and possibly much darker than most people realize.

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Remembrance of Native Traditions on Memorial Day

What does your culture mean to you? Why do you practice your traditions? How do these tie into today’s society? In remembrance of tradition, culture, and values passed along many generations, I ask: How do you remember your culture? I have always questioned what kind of role my culture plays in today’s society, and how […]

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