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Celebrating Billy Mills, Native Athlete and Advocate

Billy Mills became the first Native American to win the Olympic Gold Medal for the 10,000-meter run in 1964… on March 6, South Dakota Celebrates Billy Mills Day to recognize his achievements.

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Black History Month and the Contributions of Afro-Indigenous Americans

February is Black History Month… Today’s Afro-Indigenous culture is most prevalent in tribes such as Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole and Wampanoag, among others.

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Celebrating the Native Voice in the 2020 Elections

The 2020 elections were one for the history books… marked with 14 Native American candidates running for seats at the national level.

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Early History of Christmas in Native American Communities

Today, Christmas is celebrated in many diverse ways and is considered one of the most celebrated holidays throughout the world. So, how did the early Native Americans celebrate Christmas?

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Rock Your Mocs 2020

Rock Your Mocs 2020 (RYM 2020) is here! The annual week-long campaign brings together tribes across the country – and globe – to show off their moccasins and honor Native American ancestors and Indigenous peoples as an extension of American Indian Heritage Month.

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National Diabetes Month & Diabetes in Native Communities

Diabetes affects 423 million people worldwide… and diabetes among Native Americans is twice as likely as it is among whites. And why is this?

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Back to School Update

It’s been a little more than five months since I first wrote about how COVID-19 affected my spring semester of college… {For the fall semester,] I want to share what our new normal looks like.

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California Native American Day

Instead of Columbus Day, we celebrate the survival of our cultures and the beauty in the uniqueness of Indigenous peoples… and we remember our ancestors who did not [survive].

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National Aviation Week and Native Americans in Aviation

National Aviation Week… Whether pilot, astronaut or engineer, we celebrate these Native Americans for their leadership and contributions to aviation.

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Postponing Pow Wows and Other Traditions to Protect Native Health

Pow wows are currently a cause for concern as tribal communities continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic…

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