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Native American Businesses

How many Native American businesses exist, and why is starting a business on the reservation difficult? The impoverishment that spans entire communities on many of the reservations we serve makes it difficult to build a customer base that can support a business long-term.

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Leon Hale, Walking in Two Worlds

When I think about the idea of “walking in two worlds,” I consider everything that encompasses. Does it mean that I am two people? Does it mean that I am a fragmented person? Perhaps it means both, or neither. At any rate, I had the honor of visiting with Leon Hale, an elderly man from […]

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10 Things You Must Start Now to Get Ready for College

10 things you must do to get ready for college, scholarships, ACT and SAT testing, for Native American and non-Native students and juniors in high school. Do not delay, follow this calendar.

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Hypothermia and Frostbite

It’s January and the temperatures aren’t bad recently, about 30 degrees—but it can get below zero very quickly this time of year. The wind and the air temperature can plummet, especially at night, and make it difficult to stay warm… especially if you rely on propane for heating, or wood for heating. Many of us simply can turn […]

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The Controversy over Keystone XL Pipeline

There is still much talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline and the controversy surrounding the construction of this transcontinental oil behemoth. Some argue for its construction as they say it will create pipeline jobs and boost local economies from Canada to Mexico, while others say no price tag can cover the harmful emissions and catastrophic […]

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Do Native Americans Celebrate Christmas?

There often arises the question among non-Native Americans as to whether or not Indians celebrate Christmas. Well, the simple answer is yes, many of us do celebrate Christmas. But, to understand the complete answer, one must look at the question through the lens of history. For centuries before any European contact, Native Americans held in […]

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Social Equity

Kelly mentioned “social equity” in her blog topic on Chaske Spencer and Native Americans Giving Back, and it got me to thinking, just what is social equity?  Well, there are many broad definitions and there are many focused definitions.  And although the definitions vary slightly based on the field of study or the context of […]

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Always Remember: Native History Affects Tribes Today

Many events throughout time are milestones in history yet anything but positive for Native American tribes. This video, “Always Remember,” developed by the Herbert Brothers, speaks to the roots of the strained relationship between the 1,000+ Native American tribes and the United States. In their desire to tell a story unknown to most Americans, yet central […]

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Native Americans Giving Back: Adam Beach

One man has witnessed first-hand many of the same struggles Native Youth face today, and has found a way to give back, and to give hope:  Adam Beach. Perhaps best known for his role as Victor in the film, “Smoke Signals,” Adam Beach is an actor, producer and composer. An inspiration to many, Beach is a […]

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What is Tribal Sovereignty?

Lately, there has been much focus on sovereignty, a huge issue for tribes. And this is important in that it can perhaps bring to light the unique relationships that exist between the United States and the Indian nations. This starts with the need to understand just what “sovereignty” is and how that meaning is interpreted, […]

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