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NativeAware Beyond the Giving Season

While we have turned the corner of the giving season, that time of year when many Americans consider charitable commitments, support is still needed across Indian Country.

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President and CEO Joshua Arce Shares 2023 Predictions

In the case of Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), 2022 brought along opportunities to continue raising awareness around Native issues – some of which will play out throughout 2023.

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Year-End Giving: Make an Impact Ahead of 2023

Friendly reminder, the 2022 calendar year ends at midnight on Saturday, December 31 – the deadline by which your year-end giving must be received to qualify as a 2022 tax-year gift.

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Where’s the CSR and DEI for Native Americans?

There’s a movement afoot for racial and social equity at the corporate level – or at least it looks that way on the surface. A closer look shows that many big brands are promoting aid for the underserved and checking it off their list. Yet, it seems they are not walking the talk or supporting […]

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The Supreme Court Must Protect ICWA to Avoid Added Risk for Native Children

If the Supreme Court overturns ICWA, Native children would lose the very protections that keep them connected to their heritage and culture. Tribal communities would also lose their future generations.

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The Inflation Reduction Act: Indigenous Communities Need More

While some are fortunate enough to remain comfortable despite the prolonged inflation, many more are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, 69% of Native Americans say inflation is severely affecting their lives.

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This North Texas Day, Join Us to Remember Native American Students

Many Native students simply don’t believe that college is an option for them. Participate in North Texas Giving Day to help PWNA support Native education.

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Tuition Waiver for Native Students Must Be Replicated Nationwide

Now is the time for all higher education systems in America to waive tuition for Native American students, regardless of residency, tribe or which college they attend.

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Pros & Cons of Section 184 Loans for Native Home Ownership

…reservations are trust lands held for a tribe but owned by the U.S. government. But one home mortgage product is specifically designed to help American Indian and Alaska Native families living on tribal lands – the Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program…

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2020 Census, Native Americans Undercounted, a Need for Real Numbers

The 2020 census undercounted minorities across the country once again, including Native Americans… This oversight is in line with a longstanding trend of undercounting minorities in the census, while overcounting people who identify as White.

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