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Native Americans in Film and Music

There are many reasons to celebrate the inclusion of Natives in film this year. There are also many reminders of the lack of Native representation in the performing arts.

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Announcing Indigenous Career Readiness Program That Helps You Grow with Google

Bridging the digital divide in Indian Country means addressing not only the lack of cable infrastructure, hardware and internet access that has been documented, but also extending the digital skills for career readiness. For centuries, Native communities have fallen further behind in opportunities for economic development and livelihoods. Even before COVID, our communities were being […]

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Operation Thanksgiving Hope: Feeding Native Americans This Holiday Season

In actuality, the first official mention of a ‘Thanksgiving’ celebration occurred in 1637, after colonists brutally massacred an entire Pequot village and subsequently celebrated the victory.

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Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

This year, PWNA is encouraging everyone to sign our #NativeAware petition that supports House Bill 5473 to permanently change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day nationwide.

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Accessing and Protecting Nature’s Most Precious Resource: Water

On the one hand, Native Americans are fighting to keep their water sources clean. On the other, they are fighting to have any water at all.

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Native News Pick of the Month: Confronting the painful history of Native American boarding schools

Earlier this year, the remains of more than 215 Native American children were discovered on the grounds of a former boarding school… PWNA president & CEO Joshua Arce shares his reaction to the discovery and weighs in on Deb Haaland’s recent opinion piece [on the matter].

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Native News Pick of the Month: Land Buy-Back, Real Estate Recovery, and the Burning of Blackacre

The [Guardian] article reported on several different tribal communities from around the country buying back land that was previously taken from them and given to non-Native landowners.

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Lessons We Can Learn For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Native Communities

Last month, we discussed COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Native communities with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security… there’s not a cookie-cutter solution… and we’re seeing Native leaders step up to support vaccine distribution.

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Native News Pick of the Month: The First Native American Cabinet Secretary

This month, PWNA President and CEO Joshua Arce offers his thoughts on our ‘Native News Pick of the Month’ about the first Native American cabinet. secretary.

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Merry Christmas and Thank You!

Each year, we take time to reflect on the impact of our program partners and donors on Native communities… and to put it mildly, 2020 was unprecedented.

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