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Being a Purpose-Driven Leader in a Native Nonprofit

As a Native CEO, here are my takeaways from Harvard’s principles of purposeful leadership.

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What is Food Sovereignty and Why is it Important to Tribes?

Put simply, food sovereignty is the right of a community to identify and control how their food is produced and distributed, and this includes the quantity and quality of what they are consuming. Often, people think food sovereignty is the assurance we have enough food to meet our physical needs, but it goes far beyond […]

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Oppenheimer Overlooks Native Americans

I like Cillian Murphy as an actor and am sure he helped Oppenheimer become one of the top grossing WWII films… Unfortunately, …Native Americans are left out of the film.

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Increasing Food Security with Olo for Good & Tides Foundation

The need for access to healthy food and clean drinking water on remote reservations cannot be overstated. Thanks to a generous gift of $150,000 from Olo For Good (Olo) and Tides Foundation (Tides), PWNA will increase food security in marginalized reservation communities across the U.S. The defining characteristic of food insecurity is reduced food intake […]

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Tackling Water Insecurity in Tribal Communities

A 2019 report on EPA data called “Watered Down Justice” confirmed there is unequal access to safe drinking water, and this affects communities of color the most.

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May 19 is Native Nonprofit Day: You Can Help Build a Brighter Future

Coming up on May 19 is one more way to remember Native Americans – it’s Native Nonprofit Day!

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Learn How the Supreme Court Review of ICWA Threatens Native American Children and Tribes

ICWA is based on the exchange of lands for U.S. protection of Indian autonomy and rights – a political relationship that has existed since this country was in its infancy.

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Emergency Preparedness: We Are Doing This to Make Our Tribe Stronger

Disasters like those recently in Turkey have an impact, but climate change is reshaping reservation communities and displacing whole tribes.

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NativeAware Beyond the Giving Season

While we have turned the corner of the giving season, that time of year when many Americans consider charitable commitments, support is still needed across Indian Country.

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President and CEO Joshua Arce Shares 2023 Predictions

In the case of Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), 2022 brought along opportunities to continue raising awareness around Native issues – some of which will play out throughout 2023.

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