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Evaluating Charities in the Age of Online Ratings

Many donors do not realize there is no shortcut for making wise giving choices. Certainly, there are numerous online rating systems that donors can turn to for quick information, but here’s the problem: many donors are unaware that there is no one standard for charity evaluation.

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Back to School

The 2017 Backpack Drive begins July 17, sponsored by PWNA and AIEF, and is an opportunity to support K-12 Native students and ensure a positive start to the new school year.

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Organizations Supporting Native Education

These organizations have made it their mission to help improve access to education for Native American youth: TeachHub, NCAI, AIHEC, AIEF.

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Nutrition and Health on Native American Reservations

Today, Native Americans suffer from the highest prevalence of diabetes in the country, and the mortality rate of diabetes among Native Americans is three times higher than that of all other races in the country, according to the federally operated Indian Health Service (IHS).

Nutrition is a factor in Native Americans having the highest rate of diabetes in the U.S. and higher risk of heart disease linked to obesity and high blood pressure.

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Graduation Rates & American Indian Education

For every scholarship we are able to award through AIEF (American Indian Education Fund), a program of Partnership With Native Americans, there is another qualified student waiting for funding who wants and deserves to attend college.

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Gardens as a Solution to Fight Food Insecurity

Partnership With Native Americans and its reservation partners are motivating and equipping tribal citizens with knowledge and healthy nutrition habits that will trickle down to next generations.

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Help Mitigate the Challenges Native American Students Face

PWNA and AIEF services focus on motivating students to consider college, and helping students pay for college and stay in college until graduation, increasing both college access and retention for Native American students.

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Show the Philanthropic Love This Valentine’s Day

This Feb 14, there are a number of ways to show the love to a greater cause, whether you are passionate about education, animal welfare, emergency relief, nutrition or health.

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‘Tis the Season for Giving

Remember the reason for the season. And if you’re thinking of giving to your favorite charity, be sure your gift is postmarked before midnight on Dec. 31 to ensure there are no issues with Uncle Sam, should you claim the donation on your tax return.

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American Indian Heritage Day & Month

Linking the national Native American Heritage Day to Thanksgiving is fitting, given the contributions of American Indians that long preceded the first harvest of the pilgrims.

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