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Will You Help Native Children on the First Day of School?

61% of Native children are living in poverty or low-income households. So, basic things like school supplies that most children take for granted can be difficult to obtain.

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#LandBack After 350 Years for the Rappahannock Tribe

After working nearly 100 years for federal recognition that was finally secured in 2018, the Rappahannock Tribe recently celebrated another historic win… the reacquisition of 465 acres of their sacred ancestral homelands…

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Summer Care Packages Help Native Elders Combat Harsh Southwest Realities

Filled to the brim with necessities like first aid supplies, personal care items, baby supplies, batteries, water and nonperishable food, PWNA’s Summer Care Packages can be a lifeline for Native American Elders.

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Olo for Good Donates $150,000 for PWNA to Distribute Ancestral Foods

Thanks to this grant from the Olo for Good fund, PWNA {Partnership With Native Americans] will be able to purchase Native ancestral foods from Native producers and distribute them to the Native communities for the first time in our organization’s history.

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The First Ever Native Nonprofit Day is May 20: Become More NativeAware

This May 20, Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) joins other Native nonprofits to promote Native Nonprofit Day. Organized through the Native Ways Federation, Native Nonprofit Day is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of supporting Native causes and reducing the funding inequities that Native nonprofits face. Did you know that less than 1% of […]

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Help Ease Food Insecurity with Food & Water for Tribal Communities

…even pre-pandemic, low food security was a factor for one in four Native American households.,, Add to this out-of-control food prices, the sparse grocery stores on some reservations, and the limited availability of food on convenience store shelves and it is a lot to bear.

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Answering the Call When Disaster Strikes on the Reservations

…having our warehouses stocked and ready is crucial as a first responder for the reservations, but we need your help to do this. A donation ahead of time can make all the difference when the next disaster strikes.

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Reservation Animal Rescue Made Possible by You

Reservation life is complex for many Native Americans, as they navigate through food and water shortages, poverty and a general lack of resources. The same can be said for the animals. If you ever get the chance to visit a reservation, there is one thing that cannot go unnoticed – the alarming number of stray […]

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Your Gift of Winter Fuel Can Save a Life

While the New Year brings a chance to make changes in our lives, many in the Native community are still facing difficult choices – and a difficult winter. The long winters in the Northern Plains can dip to below zero temperatures and bitter cold can persist for 3 months of longer.   Against incredible odds, […]

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Indigenous Impact Challenge: Year-End Giving

Thanks to a special group of generous PWNA benefactors, every gift to honor and help Native Americans by Dec. 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000. This means that your donation will make twice the difference if you act this year.

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