American Indian Scholarships: 18 Days Left

Kelly talked about de-mystifying college for Native students and how typical nontraditional students have become. We certainly have many traditional and nontraditional students applying for our American Indian Education Foundation scholarship. We know too that the college application process and the scholarship and financial aid process can be barriers to accessing a college education, especially for Native students in remote or isolated communities. This is a good time for a reminder…

Our 2012 AIEF scholarship deadline is drawing near: 18 days and counting. Please read my February post, which has a link to our scholarship application and a free student resource guide.

One of our AIEF scholarship recipients, Aaron, shared that although his community was “less privileged” and offered “financial and academic challenges, it made him realize the value of a college education.” Financial instability was a major obstacle and he felt discouraged by it often. But he stuck with it and found a way to cover his tuition and books, rent, and food. He says “there is no substitute for hard work, perseverance, and the benefits you receive from it!!” Part of Aaron’s solution was applying for an AIEF scholarship, which covered some of his financial needs. He was able to apply and earn AIEF funding more than once by remaining in good standing and submitting a strong application package each school year.

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