Addressing Food Insecurity and Nutrition Education Through Grant Funding

Partnership With Native Americans was recently awarded a $150,000 grant from Newman’s Own Foundation to address Native American nutrition and food insecurity.

“Newman’s Own Foundation has been supporting food and nutrition programs for 35 years. Too little attention has been paid to the Native American population, and we’re pleased to see Partnership With Native Americans and its partners addressing the needs of fresh food access and nutrition education,” said Bob Forrester, CEO and President, Newman’s Own Foundation.

“More than 23 percent of Native American families are impacted by food insecurity, and many reservation communities face high rates of impoverishment, putting them at greater risk for diabetes, obesity and other nutrition-related illnesses,” as PWNA President/CEO Robbi Rice Dietrich notes. “With support from Newman’s Own Foundation, PWNA aids Native Americans in developing sustainable nutrition initiatives within tribal communities, such as access to fresh food and training to prepare healthier meals.”

Additionally, PWNA has joined Newman’s Own Foundation as one of nine nonprofit organizations selected for their Native American Nutrition Cohort. The cohort will convene several times over the next three years for peer learning and collaboration toward greater impact on Native nutrition systems.

Last year, PWNA also received a $258,000 grant awarded by Walmart Foundation to help strengthen food access and nutrition training in local communities. With the support from the Walmart Foundation, PWNA supported Native nutrition and food security through Project Grow, Mobile Nutrition Education and Train the Trainer (T3) programs.

For more information, please visit our News Center for the complete press release.

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