2021 Year in Review: Most Popular Blogs and Social Posts

Happy New Year! As we look ahead to 2022, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year here at Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA). 2021 brought prolonged pandemic challenges and a growing focus on the social injustices that affected many Native Americans and people of color. Thankfully, through the continued support of our generous donors, PWNA was able to continue delivering its programs that address inequities such as food and water, health care, education, emergency response, animal welfare and holiday support.  

PWNA also completed our 30th year of impacting lives through immediate and long-term relief from critical shortages and challenges facing so many tribes. We are grateful that we’ll be able to continue working with our reservation partners again this year.

It takes a village – our tribal partners, collaborators, donors, Board and staff – to carry out our mission and champion hope for a brighter future for Native Americans. We thank each one of you for making this possible.

We would like to share a glimpse of your top ten favorite blogs and social posts from 2021, which rally around racial justice, social justice, culture and history:

  1. Changing Indigenous Peoples’ Day to Columbus Day
  2. Martin Luther King Day and Native American Rights
  3. Noteworthy Native: Standing Bear
  4. Black History Month & Afro-Indigenous Americans
  5. Noteworthy Native: Chief Plenty Coups
  6. Native American Heritage Day
  7. Missing & Murdered Indian Women and Racial Justice
  8. Navajo Boxer Mariah Bahe
  9. 96-year-old Navajo Grandma Becomes Internet Hit
  10. Billy Mills, Olympic Gold and Advocate for Native Youth

Stay tuned all year for the latest updates about our programs and Native thought leadership!

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